Friday, August 1, 2008

good friday

I love Fridays like these. Warm Fridays. Productive Fridays. Ideas of felted sculptures have been sloshing around in my mind for weeks now. I made a few sketches here and there in my notebook, but nothing concrete had come of it. The rational side of me usually takes a moment or two to think about the project and any how-to's. There is nothing more discouraging than a new project that doesn't want to co-operate.

So today was a good day, a good Friday. Those felted sculptures from my moleskine actually took shape. Into little forms I've fondly started called tree folk. They're sweet and small, and already very dear to me. I hardly make any felted crafts for myself, but I do intend on making a little family of these for my living room sidetable. They were felted around a pebble which rests at the base of the sculpture, and I already foresee myself lifting and placing these beauties in different spots of my home whenever the moment seizes me. Their little tufts make them very mobile.

They'll be in the shop soon. First I'll need to iron....or should I say needlefelt, out the bumps.

Happy Weekend All!!

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