Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello Lovelies,

Can you believe Fall is here!? Our trip to France was sublime, and I'm fully accustomed to the little chill in the air we returned to. I won't rub it in, but we had soaring temperatures of 25-30C everyday.
What do you think about the new banner? Yesterday was spent apple picking, and apple pie baking (recipe soon to come) and I was just so inspired by all that Autumn has to offer, I thought I'd spruce up the place with a new header. Delicious, isn't it?


Marian said...

glad you had a good time.
Where did you go apple picking?? how nice... I havent had time to check on the wild ones... We've been eatin g a whole lot of apple crumble because the apples in our backyard are a little not good to just bite on!

reya said...

we went to a bio-orchard in meijel. it was nice...a bit pricey, but definitely fun if you have kids.
i'll have to post that apple-pie recipe asap. i've still got a whole bowl of apples left, and as soon as the pie is finished (which will probably be today) i'll be making a crostata!