Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hello autumn

The summer has come and gone, and autumn is upon us. My favorite time of year. Felting came in ebbs and flows. I participated in the Sint Rosa Art Fair in August for the very first time, so the days leading up to that event were a whirlwind of wool and water. Things quieted down after that with the arrival of my mum. I had hoped to get a chunk of my mental felting projects completed when she was here, but sadly, no such thing happened.
I'm dying to get back in the studio though. It's takes a bit of planning and preparation nowadays with little L keeping me busy, but when she naps, it's astouding how much I can get done. Warm weather gear is on my mind. Merino cowls, scarves, pillows, throws, rugs, anything warm and inviting. I've also got a few clothing pieces on the brain and in my sketchbook which I'd love to try. Friday, friday, friday. Come sooner please.

View of the procession from my stall. (Sint Rosa Art Fair, Sittard)

Let's see; we've got necklaces, rainbow mobile, egg cosies, table runners, brooches, large pebbles, hearts, acorns...