Wednesday, July 23, 2008


To this day, the felted pebbles are still one of my very favorite things to make. There's something about the individuality of each piece that appeals to me. The way the white lines tend to shift while felting, merging itself with the colored felt, like they have a mind of their own. The way the layers of felt curve and hug the edges of the stone, making them smooth and inviting to hold. The way the felt covers, but doesn't conceal, the nature of the hard rock inside. They have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.

So won't you join me on this new endeavour?...a new shop! Dedicated only to the felted pebbles. Focusing simply on color and form.

(I'll be adding more items as I make them...I just couldn't wait to get it up and running.)


Julia said...

how lovely! congrats reya. i've been coveting a set of these pebbles for quite some time now and i think i might have to pick some up soon. also- i had no idea there was a real rock inside, i always just thought it was felt all the way through!

reya said...

thank you so much julia! yup, there is a real rock inside. after felting, the pebbles end up being soft, but still heavy with the weight of the stone. they feel quite nice in your pocket as well

Marian said...

I also thought there were no pebbles inside, just felt!
Hey, it's the pebble cartel... (bigcartel, the good luck!

reya said...

thanks mariana!