Tuesday, September 2, 2008


An unconventional source of inspiration, to say the least. I've been finding myself drawn to white lately. The white of beautifully textured canvas paper. The white of rough unglazed ceramic beads. The white of a bare wall, waiting to be decorated with a new piece of art. On my desk are pieces of a white bag which are waiting to be sewn together.

But it'll have to wait. We leave for France in two days, for a short but greatly anticipated holiday. 10 days at the beach with nothing to do but talk, sip wine, read, pick up seashells, and hopefully, if the water's still warm, take a dip or two.

Take care friends. See you when I get back.


Mariana said...

I thought you were gone already!!! Well, have a nice vacation! Hope the weather is better there...

reya said...

The weather there is gorgeous now! Highs of 25C.
I owe you an email...coming soon!

joAnn said...

i've been given an appreciation for white by a friend of mine. it's been a great gift and i have been enjoying the restricted palette lately. it forces you to create a more purposeful design. very refreshing!

looking forward to seeing your new endeavors!

Unknown said...

my first time here... love your blog, so I'll be back for more soon!!!

reya said...

macati and joann, so sweet of you to drop by.
little update on the bag* - i've combined it with some fabric, and turned it into a tote to keep my knickknacks in. i have yet to handstitch all the pieces together.