Tuesday, August 26, 2008

winding down

Summer may be coming to an end but my spirits are high. Next week we leave for France. Just a short holiday with me and my mister, back to one of the very first places we vacationed together; Sérignan Plage. I can't wait.

And I won't lie to you. I'm anxiously waiting for fall's return. It brings out the best in me. It's when I'm most productive. I love nothing more than to seal myself in my studio, working late, music in the background, and preferably a thick slice of home-baked apple pie close at hand.

Autumn, I can't wait for you either.

A new item just recently added in Etsy. I'm channelling apples with that red.


Anya said...

Wonderfully said. I am a big Autumn fan myself: cooler nights, longer evenings, apple pies .... can't wait for it all!

reya said...

Oh, and don't forget all those stews and soups! I'll certainly be trying yours come autumn.